lemnos sanctuary of kabeiroi
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Sanctuary Of Kabeiroi Lemnos
The ruins of the Sanctuary of Kabeiroi / Cabeiri, Kavirio, on Lemnos is on the northeastern peninsula of the island, near the village of Panagia. Mythology points to this place as the worship site of the children (or grandchildren) of Hephaestus and the nymph, Cabeirus. They were the gods of sea, fertility and wine. It is believed that the initiation of followers took place at night. A feast lasted for nine days ending when a ship with a holy flame from Delos arrived. The mysteries were something like a mystical cult of believers – Alexander the Great's mother was said to be a member. The sanctuary was built around the 6th century BC, and was discovered in 1937. Remaining today are parts of the initiation hall, palace, arcade, and a larger hall with 12 Doric columns.

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