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Poliochni Lemnos

Poliochni Lemnos Greece

Poliochni ( Lemnos ), located in the southeastern part of the island, are the ruins of the oldest prehistoric village in Europe. The site went through many phases of architectural and cultural development, from 5000 BC to 1600 BC when it was destroyed by the rise of the Aegean sea probably due to the major volcanic eruption in Santorini. It was discovered in 1930 by the Italian Archaeological School of Athens. Metal objects have been excavated from Poliochni, suggesting that Lemnos was an early metallurgical center. The different phases of development evident at Poliochni are assigned different colors which were derived from the colors of the houses. There are many things that suggest Lemnos to have been a matriarchal society, and inhabited by Amazon female warriors. The early Bronze Age phase of Poliochni had uniformly sized houses, connected together – a common characteristic of a matriarchal society. The town was also surrounded by a wall with slots for archers – probably Amazon females. Rock drawings of a female archer wearing a headdress can be found here.

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