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Kotsinas Lemnos

Kotsinas Lemnos Greece

Kotsinas ( Lemnos ) is a small village on the north coast of the island. Situated on a beautiful bay, it has a harbor for small boats, a few taverns and a beach that back up to sand dunes. The Byzantine Castle, that the visitor can find in this destination, was built in 1207 by a Venetian family. Outside of it, there is the statue of a local heroine, Maroula, holding a sword. She was a local woman who helped to force Turkish invaders in 1478 to flee the island. Unfortunately, one year later, the Turks returned and ruled Lemnos until it rejoined Greece in 1912. The Church of Zoodochos Pigi (the Church of the Life-Giving Spring) is located here. You can walk down 64 steps below the church and drink from the water rushing out the spring.

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