symi town
    Symi Town

    Symi Town Greece Video

    Symi Town is the capital of the island and extends to the northern part of it. It consists of two villages, each one as beautiful and charming as the other. Ano Simi stretches from the top of the hill on which sits the Castle of the Knights to Gialos, the island's safest harbor. Both are identified as conserved settlements. The scenery, traditional architecture and glory of the past is evident in every street. The well-maintained two-storey neoclassical 19th century gabled houses with pebbled courtyards, are wonderful examples of folk art. In Gialos is the Naval museum on the island, where there are miniatures of ships, nautical instruments and tools. There are many beaches within easy reach of the Town, some organized and others untamed. Within the city there are hotels and rooms of all categories, many of them housed within traditional mansions.

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