sifnos apollonia artemonas
    Apollonia Artemonas Sifnos

    Apollonia Artemonas Stavri Sifnos

    Apollonia or Stavri (Crosses), as it is known to the locals, is the capital of the island. It is built on three hills in the center of the island. Walking the cobbled streets of the village, one is impressed by the traditional architecture. The uniformity of the buildings, churches and small squares create a harmonious whole. Apollonia is the administrative and commercial center of the island and has been inhabited since ancient times where the ancient city was built. As evidenced by its name, it was here that Apollo, the god of light was worshiped. During your stay in the city, it is worth visiting the Folklore Museum and the Church of Our Lady Ouranoforas with the gilded iconostasis and rare icons. On the hill of Prophet Elias, which is the highest peak of the island, is the monastery of the same name. It was founded in the 12th century and art has been cultivated there for centuries. It is well worth a visit to see the priceless religious relics and admire the magnificent view of the island. Apollonia is famous for its nightlife. Bars and clubs with live music promise an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

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