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Santorini Greece

Santorini ( Greece Cyclades ) is located between Ios and Anafi. It is famous in the whole world for its breathtaking views, spectacular sunsets from Oia Town, famous wine, the town of Thira and the active volcano. The configuration of its ground is the result of a massive volcanic eruption that happened probably around 1630 BC, which literally shook the main area and formed a flooded caldera shaped crescent in the middle of which a few small islands are still the witness of this event. There is a rich variety of landscapes and several villages like Mesa Gonia, with architectural tradition that consists of a mixture of ruins from the 1956 earthquake and restored villas, and a winery at the foot of the settlement. Pyrgos is another notable village in the hinterland with old mansions, remains of a Venetian Castle and several Byzantine Churches. Fira is the capital, with white cobbled streets full of shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes and is situated 900 feet above the port. If the visitor arrives in the old port of Fira he can take a cable car from the port or alternatively ride one of the hundreds of mules that take him up to 588 zigzagging steps. North of the island, is located Oia with whitewashed walls and blue domes rising above the blue Aegean Sea. At dusk, the town attracts crowds of tourists who come to watch the sunset, one of the most beautiful in the world. Santorini is small enough that it can be thoroughly explored by bike or by bus or on foot and you can reach it from Athens by plane, or by ferry or catamaran from Piraeus. Kamari, Perissa and Red Beach, are the main beaches. Most of them are well organized. The attractions of the island are unique like Akrotiri in the south, a 3,500 years old Minoan town preserved in volcanic ash like Pompeii. Ancient Thira, the Classical City which is located at Mesa Mountain, 396 meters above the sea level. It was founded in the 9th century BC by Dorian colonists led by Thira, and continued to be inhabited until the early Byzantine period. Ruins preserves from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The Museum in Fira, contains some of the artifacts found in the ruins of the ancient city. Visitors can stand at pots, pottery and other household items, but the highlight is the frescoes with blue monkeys, a mystery since historians say there is no evidence that there were ever monkeys on Santorini. The island has a reputation for the local products and specialties including white eggplant, capers, fava. For those who love the Mediterranean diet, will enjoy fresh fish and local wines, like the excellent Visanto. There are plenty of accommodation, with spectacular views over the caldera, the volcano, the sea and the sunset and thousands of visitors from around the world visit this popular destination every summer to enjoy the sunny weather and the blue Aegean sea.
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Code Country 0030 Area 22860 Police Station 22649 | Health Center +30 22863 60300 | Municipality 28097 | Airport 28400 | Port Authority 22239 | Post Office 22238 | Tourist Office (GNTO) 27199
Santorini Island
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