santorini akrotiri
    Akrotiri Santorini

    Akrotiri Santorini Ancient City

    Akrotiri ( Santorini ), 15 km from Fira, is a small community built around the walls of a Venetian castle, which is sheltered by long and time-battered walls. The small castle town seems to live at its own pace. The area is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. It is a prehistoric settlement discovered by archaeologist Spyros Marinatos in 1967, who discovered an entire village, an ancient city, buried under lava and ash. According to its findings, the district flourished around 3000 BC and was destroyed by the volcanic eruption in 1500 BC. In a few minutes hiking on a trail, you can reach the Red Beach: a landscape unique in the world, huge red rocks and reddish pebbles compose an incredible sight. The Red Beach is very well-organized and has a worldwide reputation as it is a unique natural phenomenon.
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