rhodes valley of butterflies
    Rhodes Valley of Butterflies

    Valley Of The Butterflies Rhodes

    The valley of the butterflies ( Rhodes ) is located 16 km southwest of the capital city. It is 6 km long valley filled with streams, pine trees, fig trees, colorful flowers and thousands of butterflies! In summer, the butterflies flock to the area and are an attraction for thousands of visitors. Tourists and even researchers come to enjoy and explore this rare phenomenon. The type of butterfly is generally known as the Rhodes butterfly “Panaxia Quandripunctaria.” You will see thousands on the trunks of trees, where they seek cool shade, moisture and food. There have been bridges, ponds and roads constructed to facilitate viewing this unique place. Near the top of the valley, there is an historic monastery which occupies an important place in the modern history of Rhodes. The monastery is dedicated to Panagia Kalopetra and built by Alexander Ypsilantis in 1874, after a miracle of the Virgin Mary, as the tradition says.

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