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Rhodes Greece

Rhodes in Greece ( Dodecanese ) is located on the southeastern coast of the Aegean Sea, 11 miles opposite the coasts of Turkey. Its area reaches 1398 square kilometers, with more than 220 km shoreline. Apart from tourism main sources of wealth is the production of wine, oil, cereals and citruses, while mountainous regions are famous for poultry products. Due to its exceptional natural beauty, the countless monuments and the very well organized beaches, the island has became an exceptional touristic destination. It is worth to mention that is one of the islands with the best tourist infrastructure. Luxurious hotels, restaurants of all kinds, interesting shops are going to satisfy even the most demanding visitor. The island is famous for its nightlife, casino, clubs and bars and there is also an international airport.
Useful information: 
Codes Country 0030 Area 22410 Police Station 27423 | General Hospital 80000 | Municipality 46200 | Airport 88700 | Port Authority 22220
Rhodes Island

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