ptelea elos lagoon thrace
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Ptelea-Elos Lagoon Thrace

Ptelea & Elos Greece Thrace

Ptelea & Elos( Greece ) are part of a complex of coastal brackish and freshwater lakes. The biggest is the brackish Lake Vistonis, or Vistonida, surrounded by reed beds, with zones of tamarisks, salt flats, riverine forests, small freshwater lakes and wet meadows. The following lagoons are included: Lagos, Lafri, Lafrouda, Ksirolimni or Fanariou, Arogi or Karatza, Mesi or Alyki, Ptelea, Elos and Limni. They are also a Ramsar Protected Area, Wildlife Refuge, Special Protected Area, included in the Natura 2000 network. Hundreds of species of birds winter and live in these lagoons.

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