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Psarades Macedonia Greece

Pozar Thermal Springs Loutraki Greece

Pozar Thermal Springs are located in Loutraki ( Greece Macedonia ), 13 km west of Aridaia in Pella Prefecture. The water springs up in 37o temperature, having mineral ingredients and it is also drinkable, with healing properties indicated for drinking therapy, spa, toning and relaxation. There are baths for 3-4 persons called “bathtubs” and baths for 20 persons called “pools”. In several places the hot water springs free poured in the stream. The surrounded area is ideal for walking, hiking, excursions and is declared as a cave park because of the complex of the 15 caves found in the area with many prehistoric time findings, which are exposed in the museum. It is a beautiful place with lush greenery, waterfalls and wooden bridges help visitors to follow the trekking pahts or reach to the caves.

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