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Poros Greece

Poros in Greece is a Saronic island with an area of almost 23km2 , located only 200 meters from the Peloponnesian coast and it is accessible by ferry or flying dolphin from Piraeus Port or by ferry from Galatas in Peloponnese coast within 5 minutes. The island's feature is the historical watch, built in 1927, at the center of the island on a hill, which is visible from everywhere. The whole area is covered with pine trees and it is famous for the lemon grove and the water mill. There is a forest of 30.000 lemons and orange trees with scattered taverns.
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Code Country 0030, Area 22980 Municipality 22250 | Health Center 42222 | Police Station 22462 | Port Authority 22274 | Archaeological Museum 23276 | Municipal Gallery 25936
Poros Island

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