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Paros Greece

Paros in Greece ( Cyclades Complex ) is 90 nautical miles away from Piraeus port and lies to the west of Naxos from which it is separated by a channel about 8 km wide. In the area there are numerous uninhabited islets. The island is primarily known as a popular tourist spot. Historically, it was known for its fine white marble but today abandoned marble quarries and mines can be found. The capital is Parikia and it is situated on a bay on the northwest side and it is 9 km away from the National Airport. There are many amazing and well organized beaches with a great tourist infrastructure.
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Codes Country 0030 Area 22840 Police Station 23333 | Health Center 22500 | Municipality +30 22843 60100 | Airport 92030 | Port Authority 21240 | Post Office (Naoussa) 51495
Paros Island
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