parnonas gorge greece peloponnese
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Parnonas Gorge Peloponnese

Parnonas Mountain Gorge Greece Peloponnese

At the Parnonas mountain - gorge ( Greece Peloponnese ) there are rare species of plants (trees and flowers), protected birds and reptiles. Worth mentioning dendrokedro that grows only in this region of Europe. The gorge start at the top of the mountain and ends in the Gulf of Agios Andreas at Mirtoo Sea. Dozens of small waterfalls and countless small lakes are formed between walnut trees. But the most impressive big waterfall formed in stricture, whose waters fall from a height of 30-40. The walls of the cliffs on both sides have formed caves. In this spectacular scenery, in a cavity, there is the castle of Zangolis and the chapel of Panagia.

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