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Moutsouna Naxos

Moutsouna Naxos Greece Video

Moutsouna ( Naxos ) is on the southeastern coast, which is one of the most beautiful areas on the island. The destination has recently become a lovely tourist resort, full of taverns, amenities and rooms to let. The beach is sandy with clear, shallow water and not organized with umbrellas and chairs. Near the village is the unique emery mine, as well as marble and granite quarries. Also unique is how the emery miners carried the precious cargo from Koronos through Apeiranthos to the seaside village of Moutsouna. At the beginning of the last century they built an aerial cable-way that crossed these villages and moved the emery more cheaply to ships sent from the island to other destinations. Part of the cable-way is still standing and visible from Moustouna.
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