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    Klima Milos

    Klima Milos Greece Video

    Klima ( Milos ) is a small fishing village just 2 km away from Plaka. It impresses visitors with its traditional colour. You can see the "sirmata" (the small houses), in front of the harbor, where the boats are kept in winter. Many fishermen, during the summer period convert the 'sirmata' into residences. Located near the picturesque village are the catacombs: the most significant religious monument of the island. These catacombs - underground tunnels where Christians found refuge during the years of persecution also contain a cemetery. They were built in the 1st century and were in use until the end of the 5th century. In the middle of the road from Plaka to Klima there are the ruins of an ancient theatre. It was here, in 1820 that a farmer discovered the famous statue of the Venus de Milo which is currently housed in the Louvre in Paris.

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