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Milos Greece

Milos in Greece is located on the southwestern edge of the Cyclades Complex with an area of 151 km2 and it is famous for its volcanic landscape which gives a rare beauty. It has 125 km of coastline, more than 75 amazing beaches, sandy or rocky with pebbles, well organized with water sports facilities and some of them are declared ecological parks of Natura 2000 program. There are also secluded coasts accessible only by boat. Among the most popular are Tsigrado, Sarakiniko, Firiplaka, Firopotamos. The island is inhabited from the 6th millennium BC and it was prospered in ancient times due to good connections with other islands and the mainland. Large quantities of obsidian were produced, a volcanic rock suitable for making weapons. Major attraction is the Archeological Museum, with artifacts from the excavations, and a copy of Afrodite of Milos. The famous statue of the Hellenistic period found in 1820 and now is exposed in the Louvre.
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Codes Country 0030 Area 22870 Police Station (Plaka) 21204 | Health Center 22701 | Airport 22381 | Municipality +30 22873 60100 | Port Authority 23360 | Post Office 21214
Milos Island
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