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    Metsovo Epirus

    Metsovo Greece

    Metsovo ( Greece ) is a mountain town in Epirus at 1,160m altitude. It is a traditional village of the largest mountain range in Greece called the Pindos range, with houses built of wood and stone, picturesque streets, stone fountains with cold running water and great traditional products. Some of the designated preservable monuments are the Monasteries of Theotokos, Agios Nicholas and Zoothohos Pigi. There is also a Folklore Museum, an organized ski center that attracts many visitors and the Averof Gallery which presents 250 paintings of great painters of the 19th and 20th century. Nature lovers can enjoy hiking trails and admire the unique landscape of the artificial Aoos Lake. Located 56 km from Ioannina, 231 km from Thessaloniki and 419 from Athens.

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