messolonghi greece sterea
    Messolonghi Sterea

    Messolonghi Greece Sterea

    Messolonghi is in Sterea or Central Greece and built on an arm formed between the two lagoons Messologhi and Klisova. It is located 249 km from Athens, 35 km from Agrinio and 37 km from the Rio-Antiriro Bridge. Messolonghi is known for its fishing products, especially roe, as the lagoon is ideal for aquaculture. The area with its picturesque wooden houses on stilts in the water - is protected by the famous RAMSAR treaty and constitutes an environmental park and ecosystem. Messolonghi, the Sacred City as it has been called, was integral in the Greek Revolution of 1821. The gateway port and the Garden of Heroes with the tomb where the bones of great fighters are buried, statues and busts are just some of the evidence of the role played by the city in the independence struggle.

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