lesvos beaches

    Lesvos Beaches Map

    The beaches in Lesvos are plenty and very beautiful. In the northern part the visitor can find Petra, Anaxos which are long and sandy, Molyvos and Efthalou which are also great but for the most part with pebbles. In the south there are Mytilene Tarti and St. Hermogenes, that are similar and very different from the other coasts. They are surrounded by greenery and they are small and sandy. Into the south there is the largest beach of 8 km, Vatera, that is covered with sand, and the beach of St. Isidore covered with pebble. To the southwest there is Skala Eressos, a beach of three kilometers that attracts a lot of people and to the west there is Sigri. One of the most famous beaches of the island is Skala Kalloni, a vast sandy beach in a beautiful bay. In the southern Gulf of Kalloni is also a sandy beach Nyfida.

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