leros plefouti
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Leros Plefouti

Leros Patheni Blefouti / Plefouti - Video

Partheni, Blefouti or Plefouti ( Leros ) are nearby destinations which are located on the north side of the island. The first one is a small fishing village where there are many apiaries and fields and a large dam. The area was used during the dictatorship for imprisoning political and other personalities such as Giannis Ritsos, and Manolis Glezos. In the barracks' walls there are preserved the words and slogans of the prisoners. The visitor can also find the Temple of Artemis, which is located nearby. The second destination is a great beach enclosed by the islands of Strongilis (Round) and Tripiti (Holey) so-called because at some points the erosion of the sea has created an airy cave. It's a beautiful place ideal for relaxation.

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