kremaston lake greece sterea
    Kremaston Lake Sterea
    Kremaston Lake

    Kremaston Lake Greece Sterea

    Kremaston Lake is the largest artificial lake in Greece with a surface of 81 square meters. Located 57 km from Karpenisi, Kremaston Lake is in Sterea or Central Greece. Created after the construction of Kremaston Dam in 1965 concentrating waters from four rivers: Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Tavropos and Trikeriotis. There are two bridges over the lake. The area is included in the program Natura 2000. The unmatched beauty of the lake with its turquoise waters, fjords created and the numerous small islands scattered, will really amaze visitors. Sports and action fans, will not be disappointed – canoeing, kayaking and rafting spots are in abundance. There are many hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses that can satisfy any requirement for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
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