kosmas greece peloponnese
    Kosmas Peloponnese

    Kosmas Greece Peloponnese

    Kosmas ( Greece ) is one of the most beautiful villages in the South Peloponnese. It is 32 km away from Leonidio and is the last stop in Arcadia on the way to Laconia, situated on the southeastern outskirts of Parnonas mountain at 1,150 m, in a lush and beautiful landscape with beautiful fir forests. Everywhere is abundant water, springs and streams - pristine nature in all its glory. The route from Leonidio to the town is incredible. The road crosses first the majestic canyon of Dafnona river, where the monastery of Panagia Elona sits and then climbs Parnona in a beautiful pine forest. It is considered among the most beautiful mountain trails in the country.

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