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Argostoli Kefalonia

Argostoli Kefalonia Island Video

Argostoli ( Kefalonia ) is on a small peninsula and is the capital and main port. An earthquake in 1953 destroyed the town completely and it was rebuilt. A long stone bridge called the Drapano Bridge is the entrance to the city . Argostoli is the largest town of the island and has all of the modern amenities. There is a promenade along the harbor full of cafes and restaurants for a lovely stroll. At the end of it there are ferry boats that leave every half hour to Lixouri across from the peninsula. Lithostroto Street is a pedestrian street full of cafes, bars, restaurants and tourist shopping. It is quite crowded in the summer, but a great place to find souvenirs to take home. The Archaeological, the History, the Folklore Museums and the library are nearby. Also of interest is the Lighthouse of Saint Theodore.
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