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Kalymnos Town & Pothia

Kalymnos Town Pothia Video

The Kalymnos Town for many centuries was the capital of the island. Today the village is an extension of Pothia which is the capital and the port of the island. The town is built in a valley away from the sea because of pirates. It is a place that still keeps the traditions alive. A densely populated area is built at the beginning of the city. Here, visitors encounter a wide variety of traditional houses with strong neoclassical elements. In the Archaeological Museum, there are a large number of ancient bronze and marble sculptures, tools, pottery, weapons and coins which show the evolution of the island from the prehistoric to Byzantine times. In the destination there are also Maritime and Folk Museums. Another attraction is the Church of Saint Savvas which dominates the west side of the harbor where the view is breathtaking.
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