kalymnos greece
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Kalymnos Greece

Kalymnos ( Greece Dodecanese ) lies on the southeast side of the Aegean Sea. It is mostly mountainous with rocks and small plains. There are many rugged coasts, caves, bays, coves and natural harbors. There are also many islets around, most of them uninhabited. The island is famous for the sponge diving and also world famous for its fields of sport climbing trails, easily accessible from paths. About 100-150 new routes are opened every year by Greek and foreign climbers. The island has now about 2000 organized routes and Rock Climbing Festival is held every summer with over 300 participants from fifteen countries.
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Code Country 0030 Area 22430 Police Station 28302 | Hospital +30 22433 61900 | Airport 59370 | Port Authority 29304
Kalymnos Island
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