ithaca greece
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Ithaca Greece

Ithaca ( Greece ), or Ithaki, the home of Odysseus, is located in the Ionian Sea, northeast of Kefalonia and it has an area of 120 km2. The capital Vathy has a unique beauty and it is one of the world‘s largest natural harbors. There are ferries from Patra, Astakos, Kyllini and the other Ionian islands. There isn’t an airport on the island, but there is one in Kefalonia with flights from Athens and charters from abroad.
Useful information: 
Codes - Country: 0030 Area: 26740 Police Station 32205 | Health Center (Vathy) 32222 | Municipality 33481 | Port Authority 32909 | Post Office 32386
Ithaca Island

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