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Ios Greece

Ios in Greece lies between Sikinos, Naxos and Santorini, 111 nautical miles from the Piraeus Port. Its surface area is about 108 km2 and the coastline is 87 km. The capital is built amphitheater with the traditional Cycladic architecture, with picturesque white houses and small alleys, many café-bars, taverns, restaurants with local cuisine and many nightclubs. There is a great tourist infrastructure, organized beaches with water sports facilities. The island is known for the 365 churches and chapels and also for the Homer ‘s Grave, who according to Herodotus he was buried to the homeland of his mother.
Useful information: 
Code Country 0030 Area 22860 Police Station 91222 | Health Center (Chora) +30 22863 60000 | Port Authority 91264 | Post Office 91235 | Municipality +30 22863 60400
Ios Island

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