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Ikaria Greece

Ikaria in Greece is one of the largest islands of the eastern Aegean Sea, with an area of 255 square kilometers and 102 miles (160 km) of coastline. It has a population of about 8,312 inhabitants. The topography presents green slopes and bare steep cliffs. The majority of villages are in the mountains, due to the need to protect the residents from pirate raids in the middle Ages. The island has a tradition in the production of a strong red wine, known by Homer as "Pramneios" wine. The beaches of Faros, Evdilos and Armenistis, excite guests, while the beach at Na, next to the archaeological site, charms them. The Mesakti and Gialiaskari are considered among the most beautiful beaches.
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Municipality +302275022202 | Hospital +302275022236 | Port Authority +302275022207 | Airport +302275032197 | Police Station +302275022944
Ikaria Island
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