ikaria beaches

    Ikaria Beaches Map

    The beaches in Ikaria are plenty and amazing. Karkinagri is a small fishing village situated in the western part of the island. It is idyllically located between vertical mountainsides near a beach of incomparable natural beauty. The waters of the hot mineral springs of Therma are considered suitable for the healing of various muscular pains, gynecological ailments and female infertility, breathing irregularities and many other problems. They have also excellent beautifying effects for the skin. Armenistis owes its fame to the many spectacular beaches around of this destination. The extremely clean sea beach called Seychelles, is accessible only by trail and is unique, with large white pebbles and blue waters. Next to this location there is Maganitis , a coastal fishing village. Evdilos is a village built on the coast and Mesakti is a beach with crystal clear waters. Beach umbrellas, deck chairs and a canteen are available. Nas where you will enjoy the best sunset on the island and one of the most beautiful in the Aegean.

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