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Diros Caves Peloponnese

Diros Caves Greece Peloponnese Lake

Diros Caves ( Greece Peloponnese ) are located on the west coast of the Laconian peninsula. Its existence has been known since 1900 but in 1949 began the systematic exploration by the founders of the Greek Speleological Society, John and Anna Petrocheilou. Today the known length of the cave is more than 15 km. Divided into three different parts, its physical entrance has a diameter of only half a meter, very close to the sea, so the access is facilitated by an artificial entry. The formation of the cave is due to the underground Glyfada river flowing at the bottom. It was formed before hundreds thousands of years. The water is brackish with great toughness with almost 14 C temperature, while the air ranges from 16 to 19C. The main feature is the wonderful decoration with colorful stalagmites and stalactites which represent forms of animals or humans.

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