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    Vai Crete

    Vai Crete Greece

    The famous palm forest of Vai ( Crete ) is located in the eastern end of the island and is 28 km from Sitia and 98 km from Agios Nikolaos. It covers an area of ​​250 acres and it is estimated that the forest contains more than 5,000 palm trees. It is the only native palm forest in Europe. Local tradition says that the forest was created from the seeds of dates that the Phoenician Merchants anchored in Sideron Cape. However, although created outside of its natural habitat, the palm forest is of great ecological value to Crete. The wetlands established between the palm trees and beach shelter many species of animals and birds. That's why the site is strictly protected and why camping is forbidden in the woods. You can swim in the exotic beach with pale, almost silver sand and amazing scenery.
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