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Chania Crete

Chania Crete Greece

Chania ( Crete ), the prefecture's capital, boasts charm and nobility and is divided into the old and the new city. The new one is a modern urban center with all the amenities of the big cities. The old one is built around the hill of Kastelli and on the ruins of the Minoan Cydonia. Archaeological finds show that the area has been continuously inhabited since the Minoan period. The town is very interesting, both for browsing the many monuments, and for the abundance of entertainment and activities offered.
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Police Station +30 28210 25856 | Tourist Office +30 28210 92943 | Hospital +30 28210 22000 | Municipality +30 28213 41600 | Airport +30 28210 83800 | Port Authority +30 2821098888 Archaeological Museum +30 2821090334 | Byzantine Collection +30 2821096046 | Folklore Museum +30 2821090816 | War Museum +30 28210 44156
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