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Corfu Greece

Corfu ( Greece ), also called Kerkyra, is the northest and second largest island of the Ionian Sea, with a population density of 193 inhabitants per square kilometer and is among the most densely populated in the Mediterranean. With strong Venetian and English-French elements, offers great attractions such as Pontikonisi, Kanoni and Mon Repo, remarkable buildings like the English Commissioner, the Old Palaces of the Archangel Michael and St. George, the mansion of Kapodistrias, the Metropolitan Palace, the current City Hall, the building of the Ionian Academy. Equally important landmark is the Achillion, where Queen Elizabeth was living. There are dozens of beaches with fine sand and inland villages with outstanding natural beauty. The area is famous for its musical tradition, "Kantades" and the famous "Philarmonic Band", which accompanies the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday.
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Codes - Country: 0030 Area: 26610 Police Station 39509 | General Hospital 88200 | Municipality 42601 | Port Authority 65200 | Post Office 25544 | Tourist Info (GNTO) 37638
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