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Andros Greece

Andros in Greece, is located in the Cyclades complex, it is 6 nautical miles away from Evia, less than a mile from Tinos and 36miles from Rafina Port. The island has lush greenery, streams and spings, consecutive mountain ranges with steep slopes, gorges, ravines and valleys with olives, figs, planes, orange and lemon trees, vines. There are also sandy and rocky beaches, great tourist infrastructure and water sports facilities. In the northwest side there are many rare species of birds. The largest towns are Andros-Town, Gavrio, Batsi, and Órmos Korthíou.
Useful information: 
Codes Country 0030 Area 22820 Police Station (Chora) 22300 | Health Center 22823 60001 | Municipality 22823 60201 | Post Office 22260 | Port Authority 22300
Andros Island

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