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Ancient Zone Thrace

Ancient Mesimvria Zone Thrace Greece

Ancient Mesimvria Zone on the Aegean coast in Thrace are ruins of a Samothracean colony that was at the height of prosperity during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Herodotus refers to the area as a series of fortified settlements n the late 7th century BC. The people of the area controlled the east-west access as well as access to the interior of Thrace. There were many areas around Zone that are said to have existed, but this is the only one that has been found. The ruins contain: the fortification walls and towers, groups of houses, the commercial center, two public buildings, a small sanctuary of Demeter, a temple dedicated to Apollo, and a cemetery. Some ostraca, or shards of broken pottery, have been found at Zone with inscriptions – they are the first texts discovered of the Thracian language. It seems that the city was abandoned in the 2nd century BC after the rise of the Macedonian kings.

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